I n f o / B l o gAbout Me:

I am Joshua Vanderbilt, I like the way the web used to look. I am a fan of birds, snails, old computers, old web, and old operating systems. Those are not the only things I like though, I canít fit everything into this page.

This website used to be BAD, like REALLY BAD, and Iím EMBARRASSED by the older versions, I WAS SO DAMN STUPID likeÖ

This website was partially inspired by Hypnospace Outlaw (a game, go google it), and the old Geocities archives. Iím using Microsoft Office 2003ís Publisher to make this site, it works well, I can put anything on the pages and they still work on modern browsers. Iíve used Publisher 2003 to make the previous version of this website as well.

I was using Microsoft Office 2003 on Windows XP to create this website, but I have recently switched to Microsoft Office 2007, the UI here is nice!