Photographic art of Donovan Wylie and his tribute to Afghan war

The childhood for every artist is what forms his artistic vision. Northern Ireland for Donovan Wylie became the cradle of his artistic imaginaries.

Today Donovan Wylie is known all over the world. His photos are exhibited in the most famous centers. What makes his style of photography so special?

  1. Donovan Wylie specializes in documentary photography.
  2. The objects of his works are places, people that undergo certain change. Photos protagonists’ are suffering people.
  3. He focuses on issues of political life. For Donovan Wylie it is important to visit hot spots. He goes to places devastated by war. Artist shows what wars are about. Need to visualize people’s struggle for better life comes from love to Ireland. Northern Ireland is a land of brave people. Its history is endless struggle. Irish fought for independence of their homeland. They struggled for better future of their children. Such themes touch Donovan Wylie.
  4. He masters black and white photography. Donovan Wylie understands there is nothing about proven classic techniques. Black and white monochrome colors elucidate events. They underline human’s emotions. Black and white photography gives more space to imagination.
Donovan Wylie: Invisible Architectures of War
Donovan Wylie: Invisible Architectures of War

Afghanistan: lost lands, lost people

The war of Afghanistan became the best-known military operation of modern times. Many people do not know it, but it keeps going. The scale is smaller. The hardest military actions of US army date back to 2001. What created such a resonance of this war?

  • It began in XXI century. The time was relatively peaceful. No one expected Afghanistan to become a conflict spot.
  • US army fought against terroristic dictatorship.

Donovan Wylie spent six months in Afghanistan. That was in 2010-2011. He immediately released his works at the newly opened Ways of looking photo festival in Bradford. 2011 theme of festival matched photographer’s works brilliantly. It was called Evidence. Donovan Wylie presented his evidences of Afghan war.

Larry Towell, Donovan Wylie Afghanistan
Larry Towell, Donovan Wylie Afghanistan

The photo series is not only about military actions.

  • Photos present fine combination of military and peasants’ lives description.  He showed how sand and the dunes commemorate by their perfect beauty the loneliness, tragedy of the land. Photos were colorful. Brown and grey aimed to underline the abundance of lands.
  • Donovan showed people’s destinies. Refugees and displaced population became his favorite protagonists. He showed the lives of women and men.
  • Donovan Wylie visited Afghanistan with Canadian forces. They participated in the military operations. Wylie depicted soldiers in action. He showed their faces and fight. 

    Larry Towell, Woman selling glamour magazines, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2010 © Larry Towell / Magnum Photos
    Larry Towell, Woman selling glamour magazines, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2010 © Larry Towell / Magnum Photos

Donovan Wylie dedicated his talent to show the reality. For many his photos can tell more than news reportages. He has an accurate vision of life. Donovan Wylie is never afraid to show life’s dark and light sides. Discover his photographic works! Appreciate his unique artistic manner!