One of the Biggest Photography Festivals in England

Few years ago in Bradford was organised one of the most interesting photography festivals ‘Ways of Looking’. It was aimed at raising and covering few fields in a row, such as politics, history, law, science and conflict. The way festival did it was mainly due to curatorial and theme approaches. Moreover, a plenty of art pieces were commissioned specifically for the festival and represented here at first time.

Colin Philpott, Director of National Media Museum
Colin Philpott

Colin Philpott, Director of National Media Museum, said ‘Ways of Looking draws on Bradford’s amazing wealth of photographic activity and world-class collections. It epitomises Bradford’s renaissance as a cultural centre, and perfectly complements its new status as the world’s first UNESCO City of Film’.

Festival was funded by Arts Council England with the National Lottery Fund and Bradford Metropolitan District Council funded the project. So far, ‘Ways of Looking’ is behind the work of such well-known organisations like Impressions Gallery, National Media Museum, and The Culture Company.

The first one creator of this event (Impressions Gallery) was based in New York almost for 35 years till 2007 when it transferred to Bradford and became an independent contemporary photography gallery in England. They run bookshop, held new publications of books and periodicals. It is still functioning as a non-profit organisation and exhibits up to 6 programmes annually. Among them are Dewi Lewis Publishing and Photoworks which was accompanied by publications of Paul Floyd Blake, Joy Gregor, Melanie Friend, Tessa Bunney, Anna Fox.

National Media Museum
National Media Museum

In 2013 works that had been dated back to the origin of Impressions Gallery, were transferred to the National Media Museum under the name of ‘Impressions Gallery Archive’.

That partnership was made to widen the territory of modern photography exhibitions. Nevertheless, it allowed collaboration of scholars curators and photographers with visitors.

Now it accounts near 3.5 million art pieces being one of the biggest photographic collections in the world.

Together with exhibitions, organisations call for volunteers. They are eager to take people with art aimed views for performing some help at Museum and directing visitors. It is also to create more evidence about presented collection.

They have also an open volunteers position for events. Festival ‘Ways of Looking’ searches for volunteer team for a smooth functioning, keeping the timeline, visitors navigation etc.

As far as both Media Museum and National Science are non-profit charity organisations, you can support them by donating some amount of money and help to bear their important mission. Although, you cannot do this personally, you can do a money transfer using a credit card.

Media and Conflict Interchange
Media and Conflict Interchange

Other than typical help, volunteers will be involved in meetings with artists and photographers, in public talks and portfolio reviews. There are a lot of different venues inside the Museum like Victorian Court Room or main hall ‘Media and Conflict Interchange’ where these event usually take place. If need finance help checks this leadsgate review.

Finally, being a simple visitor is a very pleasurable event, because it is worth seeing.